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Compilation by Rose Ann Blau

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Language :  English
Category :   For Kids
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No. Of Pages :  114




Swami Chinmayananda reveled in interacting with children revealing his wisdom through his loving playfulness. Photographs of Swamiji with children from around the world are accompanied by quotes from his works.

Hailed as the second Swami Vivekananda, Swami Chinmayananda (1916-1993), has left a great legacy behind for mankind. On realising the true purpose of life he worked tirelessly and with tremendous energy for more than four decades to spread the message of Vedanta. A great writer, leader, patriot and spiritual giant: He brought about a spiritual renaissance of the Vedantic heritage to the world. A powerful orator with his own brand of wit and humour; he paints vividly the wisdom of the ages in front of us. His commentary on the Bhagavad Geeta and Upanishads are considered one of the best ever for their clarity and crisp logic.

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