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Yuva Rhythms: Gurudev - The Musical

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Yuva Rhythms: Gurudev - The Musical


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Yuva Rhythms: Gurudev - The Musical (ACD)

9 songs from the musical


Gurudev - The Musical

The story behind the musical - First conceptualized by CHYKs in 2012, the musical took determination and devotion to bring to life. After a successful pilot production in Dallas, TX in November 2014, it has become a popular way to honor the life of Pujya Gurudev, Swami Chinmayananda.


This CD presents 9 songs from the musical

1. King of Kings - The song describes the birth of Balkrishanan Menon and the proclamation by an astrologer that he will enjoy world-wide repute.

2. Initiation - A great Yogi, visited Balan's family and through his communication with baby Balan cryptically said, "I have taught him everything." This song imagines the conversation between the great yogi and baby Balan.

3. Shiva - Balan invented a game of imagining his favorite deity, Lord Shiva, to escape family prayer. This song depicts this inadvertent tapas.

4. The Revolutionary - Balan had an active role in India's struggle for freedom.

5. The Exile - This song describes Balan's flight across India and his eventual capture by the British.

6. The Prisoner - This song describes the trials of prison life.

7. Mother - As Balan was thrown out onto the street and left for dying by British, a kind lady nursed him back to health. This song describes her motherly affection.

8. Close to God - The atheist journalist Balan trekked to Rishikesh to expose the Hindu sadhus. The guidance of Swami Sivananda sparked a period of deep self-reflection in him. This song describes his internal quest and his decision to renounce the world.

9. Gangadhara - After studying under Swami Tapovanam, Swami Chinmayananda was inspired by the river Ganga and decided to go down to the plains and spread the word of scriptures to the masses. This song describes the journey of this relentless missionary.

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