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How is Integration of Personality achieved?

  • By Swami Tejomayananda
  • •  Jun 28, 2023

Life has three aspects: Action, Emotion and Thought.

They appear separate but we know that no action is possible without thought or emotion. At different times, in different situations, they each have a different effect.

Often we struggle with our actions because thoughts flow in one direction, feelings go a separate way and actions are completely contrary to both. Sometimes even logic fails to make an impact, but an insignificant action melts hearts. Our emotions are unpredictable and vary according to the situation. Often what we FEEL, THINK and DO are poles apart.

With such a disintegrated mind we experience restlessness. Emotion is a power that influences our entire life. Even our problems are at the emotional level. Negative emotions make us miserable. They bring agitation, unhappiness, conflict, and frustration. Positive emotions make us feel elevated. They evoke calm, peace, happiness and harmony. Accordingly they affect our mind.

Where there is love, kindness, compassion, the mind automatically becomes CALM. Where there is anger, hatred, jealousy, the mind gets AGITATED.

Emotions can lead to thought fixations, obsessions, maniac tendencies or mental health issues. Understanding the significance of emotions is important but not enough.

We also need to harmonise and integrate:
• Our thoughts and emotions
• Our emotions and actions

The purpose of all spiritual practices is to integrate, harmonise the three – Action, Emotion & Thought. The only one who achieves integration among Action, Emotion & Thought is an INTEGRATED PERSONA - integrated at all levels of the personality.

He alone can live in peace and harmony.