Boogie Woogie Ganesha

Boogie Woogie Ganesha

SKU: B0026
Publisher: Chinmaya Prakashan
ISBN: 978-81-7597-414-2
Language: English
Author: Swamini Supriyananda
Binding: Hardbound
  • Childrens books, Books for Kids, Picture Books

Description of product

Boogie Woogie Ganesha is a captivating adaptation of a story from the Puranas showing Ganesha's great strength and compassion. Children will be delighted by the character-building message that shines through as this charming story unfolds. Chinmaya Bala Katha is a series that narrates ancient Hindu parables in a modern context.

They demonstrate the relevance of these stories in our lives, in a fun and interesting way. The simple truths at the core of these stories are highlighted, inspiring children with an invaluable outlook on life. For children 4 years and above.

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