Ganesha � My Best Friend

Ganesha � My Best Friend

Publisher: Chinmaya Prakashan
Author: Compilation - CCMT

Description of product

Ganesha- My Best Friend (Interactive CD) Wish Ganesha was your Best Friend? Here's your chance! It's easy! All you have to do is know all about HIM, get in touch with HIM, invite HIM to your home and heart... With 16 Steps Puja Vidhi - The secret of single-pointed mind to raise the quality and excellence of your activity. Ganesha's power is known to remove all obstacles, give success and wisdom to all those who think of HIM. This animated interactive CD introduces you to Ganesha with his stories, games, a way to invite him to your home and heart, in 16 Do-It-Yourself steps, Japa Yoga to gain the power and songs -- all illustrated with Ganesha's presence everywhere!

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