Hastamalaka Stotram

SKU: H0025
Publisher: Chinmaya Prakashan
ISBN: 978-81-7597-418-0
Language: English
Author: Swami Purushottamananda
Binding: Paperback
  • Spirituality, Spiritual Knowledge, Philosophy, Awakening

Description of product

A small boy, who was already a realized soul, narrated his experience of Self-Knowledge to Bhagwan Adi Shankaracharya. To the boy this knowledge was clear as 'a gooseberry' (amalaka) kept on the palm (hasta) and so the boy was named Hastamalaka. He became famous as one of the four renowned disciples of the Acharya and the conversation compiled by the Acharya is "Hastamalaka Stotram". The famous saint of Maharashtra, Sant Eknath Maharaj has written a beautiful commentary on this stotra in Marathi. Swami Pursuhottamanandaji brings out the quintessence of that commentary, which will be most valuable to English knowing seekers for contemplation and Self-realization.

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