LEEP - Life Empowerment and Enrichment Program

LEEP - Life Empowerment and Enrichment Program

SKU: L0020
Publisher: Chinmaya Prakashan
ISBN: 978-81-7597-725-9
Language: English
Author: Swamini Vimalananda
Binding: Paperback
  • Self Development, Self Help,Motivation

Description of product

It is the questioning spirit that makes people like Steve Jobs decide to 'stay hungry and stay foolish', Srinivas Ramanujan to believe in 'truths without proof', Einstein to posit 'general relativity to world reality' and Buddha to renounce the 'kingdom for inner freedom'. Supremely inspired, they dared to tread 'the road less travelled', quench their spiritual thirst, pursue their passions, leap to profound depths and scale dizzy heights of achievements. They live empowered and enriched lives.

Life Empowerment and Enriching Programme opens the door to such inspired living for all of us.

Based on the universal messages of the Gita, LEEP has empowering content, attractively designed and systematically organised into 56 modules. The chapters unfold through logical analyses and practical tips, enriched with Reflections, Mantras, stories and cartoons which make us sit up, muse and laugh as we let LEEP seep and soak us with inspiring thoughts. End-of-module sections like Walk the Talk, Discussions and Introspections will help assimilate the ideas better.

What's stopping YOU? LEEP to transform! LEEP to success! LEEP to a happy landing!!!

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