Matabhinnata va Sambhrama

Matabhinnata va Sambhrama

SKU: M1010
Publisher: Chinmaya Prakashan
ISBN: 978-81-7597-717-4
Language: Marathi
Author: Swamini Vimalananda
Binding: Paperback
  • Hindu Culture, Hinduism, Indian Culture, Culture and Tradition

Description of product

The Indian scriptures say that the world is full of opposites. For every viewpoint there is a counter viewpoint. Doubts and confusions arise because of incomplete knowledge or conflict between different sources of knowledge. India is a land having mind-boggling variety of beliefs and holistic lifestyle. Unfortunately it is understood by some, but misunderstood by many. Conflicts and Confusions in Indian Culture talks about certain fundamental and commonly misunderstood concepts of Indian beliefs and life style. The keys topics discussed are Caste System, Arranged Marriage System, Idol Worship, Rebirth and Destiny. It is best understood when read with an open and unbiased mind.

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