Planet in Crisis

Publisher: Chinmaya Prakashan
Language: English
Author: Swami Chinmayananda

Description of product

Speaking at The United Nations, Swami Chinmayananda, disciple of Swami Tapovan Maharaj and the founder of Chinmaya Mission, is a saint, an inspiration and a visionary. He has given numerous discourses on various Hindu scriptures including the Bhagavad-Gita and Upanishads. Swamiji is an orator beyond compare and his talks have touched and transformed countless lives. "Is not nature squeezing all people, rich and poor, the powerful and the powerless, from all sides throughout the world? Why? (It is) the pain, the agony of a new birth." - Swami Chinmayananda This talk by Swami Chinmayananda, the world renowned authority on the scriptures of India, was recorded live in December 1992 at the United Nations. In a vivid and humorous style, he not only eloquently defines the problems facing us today, but also offers practical long-term solutions for the individual, the community and the world at large.

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