Prabhat Sudha Tattvamala

Publisher: Chinmaya Prakashan
Author: Swami Brahmananda

Description of product

The hymns and mantras that are peppered in our scriptures are not just prayers of beseeching pleas and bleating requests, ornamented with spiritual vibes, they are a means for us to reach God. This collection of meditative hymns and mantras from the Upanishads, Vivekchudamani and other granthas chanted by Swami Brahmananda soothes the mind into a meditative state to receive, reflect and to experience the divinity within us. Contents: PRABHAT SUDHA: 1. Gurustutui 2. Shanti Mantra 3. Upanishad Mantras - 1 4. Vivekchudamani 5. Upanishad Mantras - 2 6. Geeta Shlokas 7. Atma Shatkam TATTVAMALA: 8. Gurupaduka Pratah Stavanam 9. Upadesha Sara 10. Sat Darshanam 11. Sadhana Panchakam 12. Atmabodha

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