Shivam Shivakaram Shantam

Publisher: Chinmaya Prakashan
Author: Swami Siddhananda

Description of product

Shivam Shivakaram Shantam which is a compilation of eight melodious bhajans by Swami Siddhananda, is a complete devotional experience in itself. The selection includes bhajans on Vinayaka, Shankara, Durga, Rama, Krishna and Narayana. The bhajans are pleasing as well as powerful in the impact that they have on listeners. They provide a direct and instant connection to peace and auspiciousness. Swami Siddhananda is the acharya of Chinmaya Mission Philadephia, as well as being in charge of Chinmaya Publciations in USA. He has composed many bhajans and he has a number of poplular devotional albums to his credit. Music : Ranjith Govind Backing Vocal: Swami Siddhananda, Ranjith Govind, Anand P, Asha Anand, Vidyashankar, Deepa Nambiar, Usha Suresh

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