Shrimad Bhagavad Gita - (हिंदी) - Chapter 14 & 15

SKU: G2003
Publisher: Chinmaya Prakashan
ISBN: 978-81-7597-441-8
Language: Hindi
Author: Swami Chinmayananda
Binding: Paperback
  • Geeta, Vedanta, Spirituality

Description of product

Gunas are the cause of man's birth in good and evil wombs. In chapter 14, Lord Krishna explains the three gunas - sattva, rajas and tamas, how they affect man's life and how man can rise beyond them.

Chapter 15 is one of the rarest pieces of literature available in the world that so directly indicates the Supreme and discusses the nature of the Self, with its implications. No other chapter in the Geeta stands in favourable comparison.

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