Siddha Activity Book

SKU: S0036
Publisher: Chinmaya Prakashan
ISBN: 978-81-7597-154-7
Language: English
Author: Swamini Vimalananda & Radhika Krishnakumar
Binding: Paperback
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Description of product

Chinmaya Vision Programme was born to enshrine the holistic philosophy of education inspired by Swami Chinmayananda in the heart of every growing child to bring out the best in him or her. The child is the focal point of this programme. The programme also embraces the school management, teachers, parents and/or Chinmaya Bala Vihar sevaks/sevikas. Through them, the light of this vision spreads to the society, country and the world at large.

This Activity book is part of the creative resource material of Chinmaya Vision Programme. It is an ideal tool in classrooms and Chinmaya Balavihars. It is designed to make the task of teachers and balavihar sevaks/sevikas effective and enjoyable.

How to use this book?

Activity pages (on the left): The teacher should explain to children how each aspect of the programme is important for our holistic growth. He/she should then engage them in each activity based on the highlighted aspect, in class or as home work.

Colouring pages (on the right): Each illustration highlights one aspect of the programme in a humorous and imaginative way. The children should add a creative background and colour it.

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