Vedic Chants - II

Publisher: Chinmaya Prakashan
Author: Compilation - CCMT

Description of product

VEDIC CHANTS - II is a CD for every occasion. The vedic tradition is known for conveying information in short but precise forms. Thus arose all our Vedic chants. These chants are reflections upon the greatest Truth and reverberations of positivity. Vedic pandits N. Ravichandran and T. S. Vaidyanathan's deep and enlivening recitation is a delight for all. Contents: 1. Ambhasya Pare 2. Gayatri Mantras 3. Durvasuktam 4. Mrttika suktam 5. Satrujaya Mantras 6. Aghamarsana suktam 7. Durga suktam 8. Vyahrti Homa Mantras 9. Jnana-praptyartha-homa Mantras 10. Veda-avismaranaya Japa Mantras

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