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Discovering Peace

  • By Swami Tejomayananda
  • •  Jan 28, 2020

We see the sun ‘rising and setting’ but in fact it does not ‘rise or set’. Nor Does the Moon wax or wane ! The Earth that appears stationery is in fact rotating!

We experience the world. Perceive it with our sense organs through the projections of our mind which we know are constantly perishing. We are caught by the display of variety. We then give these experiences a label. Some ‘joy’…some ‘sorrow’. A disintegrated mind sees things as ‘I-Like’… ‘I don’t-Like.’ Bound by the variety which is only an appearance, we see differences in the WHOLE.

But with mastery over the senses, the Mind will be unified, calm. The world will be is seen as One. We will see our Self in the Lord. Our actions and thoughts will be directed in His service.

When we see the One God in all, the doubts of the wavering mind cease to be an obstacle. The many-ness projected by the mind does not preoccupy us. It does ensnare us with unreal ‘desires’. We become child-like, spontaneous and pure with no knowledge of good and bad, not directed by likes and dislikes. We are then at peace with all and all ‘differences’ disappear to merge into the ONE.

Lord Krishna’s parting words of advice to His close friend Uddhava just before He ended His Avatara are:

‘Absorb Your Mind and Intellect in Me, Abide in me and see the world as One.